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Tourism in Ukhrul

Ukhrul is one town in Manipur that you must definitely visit. The town is away from the maddening crowd and is beautiful, mesmerizing and enchanting. Ukhrul is famous for the Siroy Lily Flower. This flowe is mostly found on the peak of the Shirui Kashong and in the Khangkhui Mangsor cave. On 21st March 1989, Siroy Lily was declared as the State Flower of Manipur. There are a number of naturally blessed tourist spots in Ukhrul like Kachouphung Lake, Khayang Peak, Duncan Park, Nillai tea estate. Peppered with hill ranges and river valleys, this place is a retreat to the nature lover.

Popular Tourist Places in Ukhrul

Ukhrul is dotted with several tourist spots making the tourism in Ukhrul really an experience. Famous peaks, parks and waterfalls are located in and around the town of Ukhrul. Some of the major tourist places are mentioned below.

Khayang Peak

Khayang Peak

This peak is located at an altitude of 3114 meters above sea level and offers a picturesque view of the town. It is the highest peak in Ukhrul and also a popular tourist destination. The favourite activity of the tourist and also the locals is to trek up to reach the peak. One will be mesmerized with the beautiful scenery all around, while trekking up the hill.

Shirui Kashung Peak

Shirui Kashung Peak

Shirui Kashung Peak stands in an altitude of 2,835 m from the sea level. Major rivers of Ukhrul originates from this Peak. During the month of May and June the beautiful Siroy Lily flowers bloom here. This peak is also inhabited by rare birds like the Blyth’s Tragopan and Mrs. Hume’s bar-backed pheasant. The peak is located about 18kms from the town of Ukhrul.

Khangkhui Cave

Khangkhui Cave

Locally known as Khangkhui Mangsor Cave, it is a famous lime stone cave in Ukhrul. It measures an area of 5700 sq meters and is declared as an archaeological site and historical monument. Archeologists have discovered many notable artifacts of the Paleolithic culture from the cave. The big hall in the cave is known as the durbar hall of the devil king and the northern hall inside the cave is considered to be the royal bedroom of the devil king, where he used to live with his two wives. There are separately two chambers for each of his wives in the cave. The cave is located around 15 kms away from the Ukhrul town and was used as a shelter by the local people during World War II.


Shirui is located around 39 kms from the town of Ukhrul and is the home of the famous Shirui Lily. The local name if this flower is Kashing/Timrawon. According to the local legend, the Kashong/Timrawon is also a protective spirit which resides on the Shirui Peak. This place is frequently visited by scientists and botanists from world over to have a look and study about the Shirui Lily flower.

Khayang Fall

This is the biggest waterfall of the state of Manipur and has a height of 754 feet. The water cascades from the top and the falls provide a good trekking spot for the tourists.

Ango Ching

Ango Ching

This forest is spread across 150 sq kms and located 90 kms east of Ukhrul. It is bounded by the Sanalok River on the west, country of Myanmar in the east, Kachouphung in the north and Chatric in the south. The area is not easily accessible due to difficult terrain and has been untouched. It acts as a natural habitat for a number of indigenous flora and fauna. Fauna species like elephant, tiger, sambar, deer, barking deer, wild buffalo, wild bison, black bear, leopard, and wild cat, and hornbill and peacock tragopan are found here.

Kachouphung Lake

This lake is situated around 7 kms towards the south east of the Khayang fall. The lake is located on a hill slope on the Achuwa Magi Hills and is bordered by a number of knolls. The lake has an area of 9 acres and is the home to common carp and local colorful fishes which breed here. The shape of the lake looks like the Map of India. During rainy season, the size of the lake becomes much larger.

Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake

This lake is situated around 7 kms away from the Khayang Falls. It covers an area of about nine acres and is located close to the Kachouphung Lake in the Achuwa Magi Hills.

Nillai Tea Estate

Nillai Tea Estate

Nillai Tea Estate is located about 120 kms from Ukhrul , in Talui town, the second biggest town of Ukhrul district. This tea estate is popular for its green tea. The Nillai Tea Estate is rapidly turning out to be a popular tourist attraction in Ukhrul. The hand-plucked and sun dried tea leaves here is rich in medicinal qualities. The locals highly value the natural processing of the tea. One interesting feature of the tea grown here is that the real flavor of the tea comes out after it is boiled for the second time. The all round greenery is a real treat to the eyes.

Duncan Park

The Duncan Ecological Park is located about 3kms from Ukhrul in Phungrei. It is one of the largest parks in the district of Ukhrul. The park was created in the year 1984. It is a famous picnic spot in Ukhrul. The main attraction of the park is the small park for children inside the park.

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